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Job Description for the Production Manager

The production manager is responsible for the entire production department of this company, coordinating all activities related to the actual remodeling and renovation of jobs sold by the sales department, and taking a job from inception to final completion. The production department coordinates all the labor, materials and subcontractors of the company. The responsibility includes maintaining customer satisfaction through the job.

Specific Duties:

1. Once a job has been sold and turned in by the sales department with the cost breakdown, the production manager will field-check the job, checking all costs to determine whether the job can be performed to a satisfactory conclusion at the specified profit.

2. Once a job has been accepted by the company, the production manager sets up the job ready for construction. This will include writing up material lists for every item, negotiating prices with subcontractors and writing up work orders, and completing the Spec/Req Folder.

3. Prior to the start of work, the production manager will meet with the lead carpenter assigned to the project and debug the job, ensuring that all specifications and job conditions have been reviewed.

4. Prior to the start of work, the production manager and the lead carpenter will meet with the salesperson and customers in a pre-construction conference where all details and potential problems will be ironed out and all decisions made by the customer. On smaller, simpler projects, it may not be necessary for the production manager to attend.

5. The project manager is responsible for ensuring that communication between the customer and the lead carpenter is being maintained.

6. The production manager is responsible for coordinating the billing process and the collection of progress payments. Most payments will be collected by the lead carpenter.

7. The production manager will ensure that routine change orders are estimated, written up and signed by the customer and the lead carpenter. When change orders involve more substantial work than is typically handled by the lead carpenter, the production manager will coordinate with the sales department on pricing and selling of change orders.

8. The production manager maintains an adequate work force of lead carpenters to meet the needs of the company. This responsibility includes hiring and training of the labor force, and authority to fire as well. Monthly meetings will be held with all lead carpenters to keep them informed and discuss any problems.

9. The production manager keeps a job cost folder and checks on whether actual costs are exceeding estimated costs in any area. Where possible, the lead carpenter should be encourage to maintain this information.

10. The production manager is responsible for all company vehicles, tools and equipment, including their maintenance in good operating condition. Each lead carpenter will own and operate their own vehicle.

11. The production manager submits to management a monthly production report including progress on each job, percentage of completion, and estimated total volume for each job, including estimated gross profit.

12. Prior to the completion of the job, the lead carpenter, at the direction of the production manager, meets with the customer(s) and salesperson to prepare a quality control pre-completion punch list. This will be signed by the customer(s) and, when completed, the final check will be collected.

13. The production manager will implement and supervise incentive programs for lead carpenters to maximize performance.

14. The production manager approves all requests for payments to subcontractors after initial approval by the lead carpenter.

15. The production manager reviews all materials invoices and approves payment after the lead carpenter verifies that they are properly allocated to the job, priced accordingly, and that the invoices reflect actual shipments.

16. The production manager, together with the lead carpenter, goes over final plans and specifications to ensure that there are no problems in filing and obtaining building permits, and coordinates all necessary inspections during the course of the job.

17. The production manager is responsible for recruiting, negotiating and developing a working relationship with a subcontractor in every trade. This includes developing a unit cost for every standard task.

18. The production manager will develop standardized products and systems, and develop a relationship with suppliers and subcontractors in every category. This will be a strategic brand partnership and will include training and technical support, as well as pricing and delivery.