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Estimating 101

Every contractor has to estimate -- that's just a fact. But not that many contractors understand how easy, accurate and efficient unit cost estimating is. The three articles below will open your eyes to why unit cost estimating should be your first choice -- actually, your only choice!

Basic Estimating Tips
Different Ways To Estimate
Economics Of The Business


The Origin Of The Industry
The Components Of An Estimate
Identifying Job Cost
Indentifying Overhead
Identifying Profit
Marking Up To Determine Price
Knowing When It's Time To Raise Prices

Handyman Sample Chapters

The Handyman Business has become one the fastest growing segments of the remodeling industry in the last few years. Below are links to six chapters from a 'book in progress' by Walter Stoeppelwerth about getting into the handyman business. We plan to add more chapters from time to time, so check back often!

What Is The Handyman Business
Economics Of The Handyman Business
Estimating Handyman Work
Selling Handyman Work
Marketing and Advertising

Lead Carpenters

Walt Stoeppelwerth has been popularizing the Lead Carpenter Concept for many years through his articles and seminars. Below are some basic guidelines to implementing the Lead Carpenter Concept within your own organization.

Lead Carpenter Concept Overview
Advantages of the Lead Carpenter Concept
Common Obstacles to the Lead Carpenter Concept
Qualifications of a Lead Carpenter
Job Description for the Lead Carpenter
Job Description for the Production Manager
Bonus Plan for the Lead Carpenter
Tricks of the Trade


Walt Stoeppelwerth views on remodeling.

The Transformer: How Walt Stoeppelwerth Inspires Us Still
Walt Stoeppelwerth has spent his entire career helping remodelers, builders, and home inspectors improve their systems and increase profits.

Tips and Tricks For Better Estimating

Estimating Fundamentals
Adopting a Unit Cost System
Estimating Checklist: Do This Every Time!
Five Myths That Slow Down Your Estimating


The material presented here is in part excerpted from the book: IF I SELL YOU I HAVE A JOB. IF I SERVE YOU I CREATE A CAREER! by Michael S. Gorman

A resident of Colorado, Michael Gorman is the President of a successful consulting company specializing in small business with a focus on remodeling. For many years, Mike was president of his own residential and commercial remodeling firm, and was named among the Big 50 by Remodeling magazine for his outstanding achievements in the industry. Mike has had over 25 years of experience in all phases of construction including sales, estimating, planning, production and business management. His diverse experience in remodeling and his business skill have made him a leader in the field.

Mike has received many awards during his career and is listed in the Who's Who of Emerging Business Leaders. His remodeling work has been showcased by several prominent trade publications, and he has been recognized for his participation in the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), having held national, regional, and local positions.

This book, specifically designed for use as a Consultive Sales process for builders and remodelers, is available from HomeTech Publishing.

Running Your Business By Remote Control
I Have Too Many Leads!
Prospects Vs. Suspects
Showroom Dancing